The Wallabok Story

We are all Wallabok

Wallabok is more than a brand. It’s a feeling, a dream. The hope that inspires adventurers to leave their homes and set sail for the horizon.

The concept of the Wallabok has always existed, but it was given life by a group of born and bred South Africans, who migrated to Australia in the hope of a different life.

Some parts of their transition came easily, like unrestricted access to fresh water and electricity.

Other parts, like finally giving in and buying a gas braai or realising they couldn’t buy Doom industrial-strength insect spray, were a bit harder to stomach.

The hardest of all, was accepting that their feelings about rugby union would never again be uncomplicated.

With their hearts yearning to remain Boks and their heads telling them that it was a bit kak not to support the country that had taken them in as one of its own, they had trouble feeling comfortable, either in the green and gold, or the gold and green.

You no longer have to choose

The Wallabok embodies this new breed of South African, optimistic about the future and proud of the past.

Someone who is humble enough to admit that the quota system is ridiculous and hopeful enough to dream of a day when the Wallabies will be able to pack a good scrum.

A breed of grateful souls who never take for granted a view without razor wire. Happy to buy their clothes pegs and steak knives at a department store instead of from a traffic light vendor and determined to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Become part of this new breed

The Wallabok embodies this new breed of South African, optimistic about the future and proud of the past.

Join the Wallabok family

We invite you to join the Wallabok family as a pioneer of this brave new tradition.

When you sit in your Wallabok jersey on game day, in a room full of new friends, you won’t be alone. You’ll stand proud with an army of Wallaboks around the country, who’ll be singing “Die Stem” loudly and off-key.

When you stand for the national anthem in a stadium with your new Australian brothers, you might still get a lump in your throat when the Springboks run out, but you won’t be alone. You will look down at your Wallabok jersey and know that you haven’t forsaken your roots.

Where everyone is welcome

Wallaboks aren’t just South Africans living in Australia. They’re Australians who’ve married South Africans, children of South Africans, in-laws, friends and  Kiwis who want to lift their standards.

We welcome you all to the Wallabok family and hope to see you out in the wild, wearing your jerseys with the pride that we know lives in your heats.

Join us on our journey and share yours with us. #wearewallabok #wallabokinthewild


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