Thick Dutch Afrikaans accent terrifies checkout chick

Local bottle shop check out chick Candice Turner (20) was working behind the counter of the local Adelaide bottle shop when the giant blonde male approached.

“He was like heaps rude; I couldn’t tell what he was sayin. He kept yelling about ‘cassel lagor’ and was waving his fists around”.

“It was terrifying; it was like he wanted to kill me aye. There is no need for that kind of aggression; I’m real shook up about it”.

“I think he was Russian by his accent, and I heard they are like that. I said youse can’t just come over here and demand things, I had to call the cops after he left”

Local police caught up with the suspect in question, Johannes Bezuidenhout a 32 year old from Boksburg, South Africa who recently migrated to Australian shores.

Upon police questioning it became apparent that a slight misunderstanding had taken place due to the density of Johannes' accent.

Mr Bezuidenhout explained that he had made a polite request regarding a certain brand of alcohol popular to his former region.

“Bliksem, ut’s kak, I hiven’t done ainythun wrong! I jus wanted to ersk uf they sell Castle Lager, she was slew in the ead”.

With the Australian government looking to toughen English language exams for immigrants looking to gain citizenship, it may prove problematic for some Boeties from Boksburg.
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