South African mother-in-law buys another Mandela themed gift for Australian daughter-in-Law

The wife of a South African man has received yet another Nelson Mandela themed house ware item from her now mother-in-law.

Despite the gift being well received the trend has worn thin on the receiving party prompting a plea for intervention.

 “I don’t understand why she keeps buying me things with Nelson Mandela‘s face splashed on it, it’s getting ridiculous” said Daniella van der Merwe, formerly Hunt.

“I literally cannot walk into any room in the house without seeing bloody Nelson Mandela, it has got to stop”, she said.

Newlyweds, Tinus and Daniella van der Merwe exchanged their vows last year and recently moved into their new home located in Brisbane’s inner north.

With their recent marriage and new home owners grant the couple have received an influx of gifts from their South African side of the family.

“I am pretty happy to receive more colonial dining sets and furniture, but if I get another Mandela tea towel I am going to lose my sh*t”.

“There’s a Mandela salt shaker, Mandela teacups and some sort of Mandela wall hanging thing. My girlfriends think I am some sort of creepy Morgan Freeman fangirl now”, says Daniella.

Despite the influx of Mandela memorabilia, mother-in-law Martina van der Merwe remains oblivious to the couple’s apparent distress.

“I just love Nelson Mandela, he was a true leader and such a dear sweet man. If he was still alive and leading South Africa I would move back in a heartbeat”.

“It is so important that Daniella immerses herself in South African culture and I did see a beautiful beside lamp that I think Daniella will just love”, said Caroline.

Tinus has decided to play it safe by flying under the radar and avoid confrontation with his mother despite his wife’s insistence.

“Ag nee man! For flips sake, I want to stay out of this. Ek weet my Mom has gone a bit overboard, best to just bly stil and see how it plays out”.

 “I don’t know why the wife complains so much; her family gave us a flipping bread maker, which is a steaming pile of kak! That is something you give to people you hate”.

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